Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the average condition of a resident at Halcyon House?
    The average resident at Halcyon House displays moderate dementia/Alzheimer’s symptoms (Although we do have residents with both milder and severe characteristics).  The majority can ambulate and can feed themselves with little to moderate aid; some need help bathing, others need help getting to the bathroom, taking their medications, with redirection, etc.

  • What is the average age of a resident at Halcyon House?
    The average age of our residents here is about 90.  We have some residents here who are in their early eighties; others are in their mid-nineties.

  • What does the monthly fee cover?
    The monthly fee covers all expenses EXCEPT medical expenses (which are usually covered by medicare anyway).  Assistance with all ADLs (Activities of Daily Living—bathing, eating, dressing, etc.), all meals, laundry and cleaning service, and all supplies are some of the expenses covered by the fee.

  • Do you accept Medicaid?
    Halcyon House is a private pay only facility.  We do not accept medicaid.

  • Is there 24 hour-a-day supervision?
    Yes.  There is always at least one staff member on the premises.  During the day we have as many as 6 in the building.

  • Does each bedroom have a private bathroom?
    There is one room in the house that has a private bathroom; the residents in the other rooms share the other four bathrooms in the facility.  

  • Does the staff administer medications?
    Yes.  Our staff administers all medications--which are kept locked at all times.  We are also able to order all medications each month for convenience.

  • What safety features do you have at the facility?
    Questions regarding building safety generally come from the relatives of a potential resident who tends to wander: “What if my mother gets out somehow in the middle of the night?”  We have two mechanisms here: first, we are a small facility—our staff constantly walks up and down the halls ensuring all the residents are safe; second, all of our exit points are armed with distinct door alarms – the alarms on each floor have different tones indicating where a door has been opened.

  • Are there set visiting hours?
    No.  Families are welcomed to visit whenever they want—stay for lunch or dinner, sit out on our deck when the weather is nice. We want families to feel at home.
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