About Us
is a family-owned and operated retirement home for ladies located in Methuen, MA, just seconds from the Caritas Holy Family Hospital.  It is a large turn-of-the-20th-Century home with thirteen bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large dining room and living room, and spacious grounds.  Twenty ladies reside here—some have their own private room, others share a room with one other resident—all of them get the love and attention of our caring, veteran staff.  As it was once a (albeit large) single-family home, Halcyon House is unique in its atmosphere: absent is the institutional feel of a typical long term care facility; instead you will be greeted by the warmth and comforts of home. 

All of our residents have some level of dementia or memory loss.  Some have a mild or moderate level, while others have a more advanced level; in fact, one of the benefits of Halcyon House is that a resident can come to this facility with early stage dementia, enjoy the home and the other residents in the home, and stay with us as her disease progresses through the end of her life.  We provide 24-hour care, assistance with all activities of daily living (eg bathing, dressing, assistance in the bathroom, feeding), administration of medications, meals, laundry and cleaning services, and daily activities.  Further, because we are such a small facility, we are able to give the residents the attention they need and deserve.  Indeed, in addition to the atmosphere, the personal attention our staff gives to the residents is that which sets us apart from most facilities.  Our staff is trained to be considerate of each resident’s personal needs and interests.  For instance, during meals, our staff ensures that each resident is satisfied with the meal, and if not, the staff will make the resident an alternate meal to her liking (we do not put a plate in front of a resident with an option to "take it or leave it”); if a resident is not hungry at lunch time, the staff will follow up with her throughout the afternoon, making sure that the resident has a meal prepared for her if desired.  The staff makes continuous rounds throughout the day, so if a resident wants a cup of tea, a snack, some assistance in the bathroom, to get more comfortable in her chair/bed, or relief of a headache or stomach pain, the staff is able to tend to her immediately. 

Halcyon House is a private paid facility; we do not accept Medicaid.  Our monthly fee covers all expenses, EXCEPT: outstanding medical expenses, private telephone service, and hairdresser expenses.
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